In Memory

Harris Prager

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09/22/08 11:36 PM #1    

Mitchell Doline

does anyone know what happened to Harris

10/12/08 03:56 AM #2    

Mary Rombro (Aharon)

I remember Harris when we were little kids--and when I think of him he is always smiling.

11/08/08 10:59 AM #3    

Betsy Kramer (Marcus)

Harris had a spunk and smile I could never forget. I was deeply saddened when I read that he had passed away. We were not friends, but I will always remember him at Wellwood.

11/09/08 11:15 PM #4    

Paul Abrams

Harris---Old buddy...We rode the school bus driven by Miss frye, to PJHS...We sat next to each other in Mrs.Weinberger's Spanish I class...Every now and then, Harris would have a spaz attack.He would turn and punch on me when the teacher wasn't looking...Well---0ne class day, he turned and punched me. I couldn't hold back any longer,so I returned fire<><><>In those days I didn't have an M-1 Abrams Army Tank...Just at that time ,Mrs. Weinberger turned from the chalk board, saw us engaged in battle, and sent both of us down to the office...lucky neither one of us were suspended...i don't remember if Harris ever apologized...but 31 years later,spring of 2006, I saw Harris, working at a local Mortgage Co. that I deal with...He was processing residential mortgage applications...After talking to him a few other times,I mentioned to him what happened at PJHS...He totally had no recollection of this, but to my surprise, he apologized.His carisma was more reserved ,but his smile always was there...I believe Harris was in my wood shop class with Mr. Norris...One year,after our class completed our first project, we voted on building a 2nd class voted on building a (wood)(wooden) cigarette ash tray...I hope Bob Chesney(firefighter) was not in our class. I was one of a few classmates that never smoked those cancer sticks...I still have that ash tray, after 33 years. REST IN PEACE---MY FRIEND, HARRIS

11/20/08 03:24 PM #5    

Craig Starr

Wow, Harris hope you remember all the times that you Kevin Carter, Louis Herrman, and I smoked out in Bonnie Ridge............. You were crazy, but great to hang with. Take care rip

11/01/13 11:21 PM #6    

Scott Gill


He was life in full motion. Always smiling and never a dull movement around him. RIP

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