In Memory

Tony Savanuck

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09/05/08 03:01 PM #1    

Joey Roth

Tony was a good friend for many years beginning in 6th grade at Fort Garrison. We shared many terrific times during those early years. We lost touch after high school and I was extremely saddened to hear of his untimely passing. I only wish that I had known how troubled life had become for him. Perhaps there could have been an intervention that may have prevented his death. Rest in peace my old friend. Your memory lives on with many of your old classmates.

09/24/08 12:39 AM #2    

Scott Barshack

Tony was the first and only person to "knock the wind" out of me. We were just standing around on the playground of Ft. Garrison in 5th grade and he came up and punched me right in my gut.
Can't say it was a fond memory, but I'll never forget Tony and his spunk!

10/25/08 04:59 PM #3    

Jay Lewis

Tony was a great guy. I remember going to his house to go swimming,sitting down with his family at the table on whatever were on and,well, waking up the next morning wondering what we did. Loved those days. Glad to still remember them Also his black GTO what a car

11/07/08 11:08 PM #4    

Shelley Rosenbloom (Slomnicki)

I remember my first day at Pikesville. I was new and its awful when you're 15. I felt invisible until this short, energetic guy with a great smile, whose locker was next to mine, starting talking to me. I could tell he was fairly popular, but he still went out of his way to be nice to me, and I never forgot it.

11/08/08 10:29 AM #5    

Jamie Tolbert (Grollman)

Tony Savanuck was one of my first friends when we moved to Pikesville the summer before 10th grade. Tony had a passion for everything that he did. He saw everything as being the biggest and the best and the brightest and that was a quality that I admired the most. Tony was always a bit of a rebel but at the same time he had a heart of gold. I will always remember him with a great deal of fondness and some pretty funny memories.

11/09/08 02:41 PM #6    

Marcy Rothbard

Tony was always nice to me even though I was new to Pikesville. He seemed like a great guy.............had a big crush on him. I was really sad to hear about his passing.

11/22/08 12:32 PM #7    

Scott Berlin

Tony and I were friends in elementary school. I remember going over his house many times playing with his (huge) St. Bernard dog, swimming, and exploring the stream behind his house that ran along the beltway and also collecting hub caps that fell off cars along the side on the road between Stevenson Rd. and 695. Our friendship didn't continue when we were in High school and then I heard of his death. Very sad to hear.

11/22/08 10:56 PM #8    

Randee Windesheim (Greenwald)

Tony was a wonderful person and friend. He had a huge heart but was also one of the craziest people I knew! We were very close thru high school and we spent many hours at each other's homes. Tony was so proud of being a marine. I love that picture that is posted of him. It says it all. But unfortunately, he had demons that he couldn't rid himself of. Hopefully he is resting in peace.

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